The Benefits of Using Durable and Long-Lasting Building Materials

February 6, 2023

When you’re building a house or doing home improvement repairs, it’s important to use durable and long-lasting building materials. Using high-quality materials is similar to a compounding investment because it will pay off in the long term in many different ways.

Your home is one of the most important investments that you will make in your life and the building materials that you use in your entire house and your roofing design should reflect that.

We’ve seen the results when people try to save money and cut corners and it just simply isn’t worth it. Durable roofing is extremely important because that is one of the areas of your home which can affect everything else if you think about how water leaks downward.

Let’s get to some of the benefits that most building contractors know to be true after plenty of time in the industry!

Weather Resistance

There’s a lot that goes into weather resistance but it’s one of the most important reasons to use durable and long-lasting building materials. If you live on the East Coast, you know that you can see a lot of varying weather. You might see a hurricane, snow, strong winds, lightning storms, and hot Summers all in the calendar year. That’s a lot of weather to deal with and when you put all of those things in repeated cycles, you can see how weather takes its toll on your home.

If you use shoddy materials, your roof might look great – but after a few years of dealing with strong winds, your shingles might start to come apart and you’re going to end up with significant leaks in your house that can cause plenty of costly damage.

Your roofing design should include appropriate check-ups to make sure that your roof is still performing properly over time. Hidden things like mold, mildew, or even water drips that you aren’t aware of can still pop up just from normal wear and tear so you want to make sure that you’re scheduling regular follow-ups with a roofing contractor.

Weather can affect your house in other ways as well. If you don’t use high-quality materials, you may find that your house doesn’t hold up as well when a severe storm comes rolling in. These can be matters of safety and huge financial damage as well so you don’t really want to take any chances when it comes to these important decisions.

Preventing Leaks

When it comes to your roof specifically, it’s extremely important to use durable and long-lasting building materials. While it is recommended that you should be doing roofing check-ups as often as possible, it’s important to be realistic and understand what most homeowners are actually doing instead.

It’s understandable that you’re probably going to check in with a roofing expert every few years if you purchase a high-quality roof. Ideally, you’re doing inspections more often than that, but again, we understand how these things go.

Using long-lasting materials on your roof is probably the most important area of your home because of the susceptibility of your roof to wear down over time and cause expensive leaks. Trying to find a leak can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. It’s simply not fun for anyone.

A roof with high-caliber materials is your best bet against getting into these difficult situations because your materials just simply won’t erode as quickly out in the weather.

There’s an installation component here as well. If you use a building contractor who doesn’t really know what they’re doing, you may run into problems. These roofing issues may not show themselves right away, but can easily pop up within 3-5 years of installation if your contractor isn’t up to speed on proper installation.

Being Comfortable At Home

Using high-quality materials is also a good way to ensure you and your family will be comfortable in your home. While there won’t be many days where you’re sitting in your living room thinking about your shingles on your roof, however it does affect you more directly than you realize.

Your roofing components, roofing design, and even the materials you use for siding or for your walls will determine how resistant your property is to temperature changes and how much energy you’ll spend cooling and heating your house.

This is quite expensive on the East Coast of the U.S. where homes have to deal with both heat and cold temperatures for different parts of the year. If you use low-quality materials, you’re going to spend much more energy and much more money and stress via your HVAC systems regardless of how your heating and air conditioning works.

Repairs Aren’t Cheap

Depending on the price of the materials that you’re looking at, it may actually be more cost-effective to use materials that are more expensive. Let’s take a look at this.

Let’s say you’re purchasing a new roof and you have the option of buying the best materials in the world for $10,000 or some shoddy materials for $6,000. Well, if your best materials in the world last twice as long as the shoddy materials do, you actually saved a significant amount of money.

Everyone’s situation is different and we understand that not all people have unlimited budgets for supplies for projects upfront. That’s okay, but you do need to keep in mind that buying a cheaper product does not always result in saving money in that area.

On top of the actual materials themselves, you’ll also pay less for installation and repairs if you have only 1 repair needed for the best materials and 3 for the shoddy ones, your bang for your buck gets even better.

It’s hard to quantify other ‘softer’ ideas but if you are buying materials for your family home, it may be ‘priceless’ to buy durable and high-quality materials that you know will keep them safe as well.


This isn’t an issue 100% of the time, but there are plenty of building materials and roofing materials that simply don’t look as good as their high-quality counterparts. Again, this is largely a matter of opinion but what isn’t opinion is that if your building materials are holding up better then they will absolutely look better.

A roof with shingles that are falling apart certainly won’t look as good as a roof that is standing strong and still looks brand new.

Main Points to Consider

Using durable and long-lasting materials is a huge advantage to homeowners who are looking for the best bang for their buck. If you build a roof with the highest-quality materials, you will almost certainly save yourself money in the long run because you won’t be spending money on repairs, a new installation once your roof wears out, or damage caused from subpar installation.

High-quality roofing design and materials can prevent leaks, make your family comfortable at home, and give yourself peace of mind as a homeowner.

Keep in mind that you should balance all costs over the lifetime of the materials that you buy instead of simply looking at their sticker price in a catalog or on the shelves. Paying up now for durable roofing and materials may save you a lot of headaches down the road!

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